Why You Must Invest in Gold Coins

When the economy is in trouble gold prices typically rise. History tells us this fact is true. People have always turned to gold coins during times of financial strife. While our currency can have little or no worth, gold always has value. Today, people have done what they have always done in tough economic times, and that is to turn to gold.

There was a time when gold coins were part of the money supply. Gold also backed the major power’s economies. This is no longer the case, and all nations are now on the flat currency system. Yet, the currency can lose its value overnight. However, gold coins at Zoomcoin are a tangible asset that is never at zero worth.

Oil prices are rising almost every day. Talk of inflation is again on the nightly news. There is also talk of the United States losing its AAA credit rating if efforts not made to curb the massive debt. If this should occur, and the dollar loses its standing as a prominent world currency, we can expect the dollar to lose a significant amount of worth. This scenario makes it imperative to diversify your portfolio and invest in gold coins.

The US government mints gold bullion coins solely to invest in. While bullion coins do have a face value, they are not currency. There true worth is determined by the amount of gold contained in the coins and the current price of gold. With gold at near or record levels this makes for an outstanding investment.

In addition, rare gold coin collecting for investment has become quite popular. Investors should not overlook the potential of this lucrative market. Like bullion coins, the value of rare gold coins is determined by the coin’s gold content and the price of gold. However, rare coins offer other value too, and that is they have collecting worth based on how rare the coin is.

In conclusion, when economic times are tough the price of gold usually rises. History has proven this fact. Currencies can become virtually worthless, yet gold coins at Zoomcoin always have value. Gold is never at zero worth. The US mint produces bullion gold-coins for investment purposes. While these coins do offer a face value they are not currency. Their true worth is in their market value. Investors should also consider investing in rare gold-coins. They offer additional worth based on how scarce the coin is.