Welcome to Burbank, the Media Capital of the World

Welcome to Burbank, one of the most significant cities in the entertainment industry. Burbank is located in Los Angeles County in California. The population is just over 107,000. Notable areas in Burbank include the downtown area and the foothills of the Verdugo Mountains. Within the city’s location, you can find the Burbank Civic Center as well as many entertainment companies and studios. This is the city that hosts Warner Bros. main offices, as well as NBC, Walt Disney, Viacom and the Cartoon Network. It is literally the birthplace of many legendary television characters, and the launching point of famous personalities.

In Burbank residents can visit television show tapings and other productions. Visitors must acquire tickets to each individual production 30 days in advance of the taping. These tapings are free of charge. Other locations like Pickwick Gardens provide plenty of lovely scenery. There is also a bowling alley and an ice rink in the neighborhood.

Other features include studio tours, such as the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour. This package lets you visit the back lots, sound stages and a museum of television. The NBC Tonight Show is also shot in Burbank as well as a variety of NBC productions. Tours at NBC studios are cheaper than a night at the movies, and far more interesting! The Burbank Media Center can also be toured as well as the Disney Company studios.

When you visit Burbank, you are not just going for the rides and riches. You are going to soak in the history of this great city and how it has contributed to television. Besides the tours and media-friendly attractions, you can also enjoy the many restaurants, hotels and shopping centers that have been touched by a taste of Hollywood. Burbank is a vacation destination that’s not too far from home, but still a larger-than-life experience.