Universal Studios Private VIP Tour California

Enjoy the luxury of your own private studio tour with the Universal Studios VIP Experience, where you'll be treated like a Hollywood star. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes privileges to Universal Studios movie and production facilities, where many of the most famous movies and television shows in the history of Hollywood have been filmed and continue to be filmed. Plus, get preferential treatment as well as special access to all shows and attractions in the park.

You can see where many of your favorite movies and television shows were filmed - and where some current tv shows are being filmed. See Wisteria Lane from ABC's television series Desperate Housewives, drive through the set of Jurassic Park, you can even get a close-up view of Jaws! There are lots of surprises on the tour through the Lot.

Explore the Set Lighting department, where you'll witness the state-of-the-art lighting implements and the finest equipment in the business. Stop by the Staff Shop, where you'll see one-of-a-kind props made from fiberglass, plastic resin, and staff plaster, for use on both interior and exterior sets. Peek into the Mill and watch skilled tradesmen manufacture furniture--including replicas of fine antiques--from nothing more than a simple sketch or photograph.

You'll also see the Metal Shop, where the major structural supports for large-scale sets are initially planned and pieced out. Next, pay a visit to the Sign Shop, where camera-ready works of art, such as large banners, product labels, and police badges are designed and produced. Once you've seen a behind-the-scenes tour of the moviemaking industry, you'll never see a film through the same eyes again.


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