Touring Burbank, the Wonder of Cinema

Burbank may not be Tinsel Town, but it is one of the most important cities in Hollywood’s illustrious history. The industry first came to Burbank in the 1920s. First National Pictures bought 78 acres of land to start shooting. Eventually this studio came into possession of Warner Bros. Columbia Pictures also came to Burbank and purchased a ranch for outdoor shooting. Walt Disney followed and set up a studio. For a time, Disneyland almost happened in Burbank, and may have without the opposition coming from Burbank City Council.

As the 1960s and 1970s rolled in, more of the industry relocated to the city. NBC Studios moved its headquarters to Burbank and introduced its legendary talk and variety shows like the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Laugh-In. To this day, NBC Studios, the Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Studios still can be found in Burbank. These notable locations can also be toured, so make plans to visit next time you travel.

Burbank, California has also been the location of many notable events in TV or entertainment history. The Tonight Show, which can be seen on the NBC Studios Tour, is responsible for many of these memories, including Governor Schwarzenegger’s candidacy, President Obama’s visit to Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien’s first and last Tonight Show. On the subject of Conan, though he has left NBC, he will begin his new show on TBS just a hundred or so feet away at the Warner Bros. Burbank studios. At least the city of Burbank continues to show Conan some love!

Entertainment is so big in Burbank that studios are actually the primary employer of the city, whereas in years past, the defense industry was the economy center. Along with Burbank’s studio attractions there are also numerous hip clubs and restaurants that have the Hollywood sparkle.