Starlight Bowl Box Seats Available

Burbank, CA - There are still box seats available for the July 4th show and for the Starlight Bowl summer concert season. With 4 chairs and a table in each box, you can turn a great show into a great dinner and show...after a quick visit to the official on-site vendor, BJ's Restaurant. Or, bring dinner from home.

Relax and enjoy your own space at the shows -- there's no rush to get a good spot on the grass for your family picnic. Parking's even included. Your placement is perfect for taking in everything on the stage -- and in the air on July 4th. Families and groups of friends make box seats at the Starlight Bowl a yearly tradition. Businesses use them for company parties and as gifts for clients or employees.

Box seats may not be available for long, so get yours today for either the entire season and July 4th ($420), the entire season without July 4th ($300), or for just the July 4th show ($120). Box seats are not available online, and may be purchased only from the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department, Monday - Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The Community Services Building is located at 150 North Third Street, Burbank CA 91502. The Park, Recreation and Community Services Department is located on the third floor.