Smile You’re “In” TV—the NBC Burbank Studio Tour

Ah, memories. Many of television’s greatest memories were made at NBC. Now, NBC Studios has created a studio tour that brings you up close to the magic. What can you expect to see when you visit NBC Burbank? Don’t bank on seeing many celebrities walking around, though the chance encounter is definitely possible. Some tourists claim to see high profile stars walking around and yelling on their cell phones, while others report seeing no one out of the ordinary. Believe it or not, some tourists believe celebrity encounters are “staged.”

You will get to see the sets and productions of many top-rated TV shows. First thing’s first—bring cash only, as there is no credit card system available for the tour itself. However, you can purchase NBC merchandise with a credit card. The only celebrity you’re likely to see is NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno, chin and all. Even if Leno isn’t around, you can see his parking spot. Some visitors can also view the Tonight Show set. Other productions you might spot include the NBC soap Days of Our Lives and Entertainment Tonight.

Guests are also treated to a short movie, furniture and old TV memorabilia. The tour is hosted by an NBC page. On the tour you learn about sound effect techniques, NBC history and various stories of celebrity encounters. Some other sets that may be available include the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Football Night in America and Saturday Night Live. However, don’t bank on these locations, as studio visibility is limited to studios that are not being used at the time.

As of late, the NBC Studios tour has combined with the New York TV and Movie Sites guided bus tour for a “double feature.” This other tour lets you see 40 famous sites that have made a mark in TV history. Smile and enjoy this behind the scenes look at your favorite TV network.