Overbed Tables from Medline

Medline is a medical supplies company that makes a variety of medical products, from walkers to skin creams to disinfectants. One of the products that this company specializes in is the overbed table. These are tables on wheels like you see at hospitals for bedridden patients, but they can be useful in non-hospital settings, as well. The company offers a variety of different tables that have different features. Some are less expensive than others, but this is a company that offers high value products at affordable prices.

One of the lower end overbed tables from Medline is the economy table. It’s basically just a table with wheels and one arm. It slides up to one side of the bed and sits at a fairly comfortable height for eating meals while sitting up in bed. This could actually be a convenient nightstand for someone who was frequently confined to bed long enough to have to have meals there. It’s a very affordable option made of composite pressed wood, and it works with most normal height beds.

The next option up is the gas cylinder or hydraulic overbed table. This is basically like the office chairs that you can make go up or down with the push of a button and a bit of pressure. This type of adjustable table is great for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it simply gives you the option of adjusting the height of the table and making it more comfortable for the patient. For another thing, it makes these adjustments smooth and seamless, which means you can do them even when the table is loaded with food and drinks.

For those who really want a great Medline product, there’s the deluxe bed table that features two different levels of function. The split top table offers different levels of adjustment so that patients can really customize the table to suit their needs. Those who use this table will find that they have more flexibility with the extra section, and the tabletop is also somewhat larger. This is the most expensive of this company’s overbed tables, but it can be a good investment for someone who is bedridden or frequently confined to bed for a period of days or hours. It’s a great way to make that time in bed more comfortable and convenient, no matter why you have to stay there.