Milt & Edies Press Release 2

Tradition mixed with ever-evolving business tactics is one way to describe the success that is
Milt and Edie’s Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Center. With a recession that has proven to wreak havoc on
many once successful small businesses, Milt and Edie Chortkoff have managed to not only stay afloat,
but grow even more successful during these busy, fast paced times. Having been in the dry cleaning
business for over six decades, Milt knows a thing or two about keeping a business new and exciting.
Reminiscent of old “mom and pop” establishments prevalent throughout the 1960s, Milt and Edie’s has
managed to take a basic, everyday service like dry cleaning and turn it into something that feels more
like home. Some may wonder what could possibly make one dry cleaning business stand apart from the
rest, but the fact is Milt and Edie’s just doesn’t launder and tailor items well and on time, they do so
while making their customers feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied. Not only do their customers
receive the best service possible, they are also welcomed by a maitre d’ and presented with
complimentary snacks and refreshments while they wait. These small gestures may seem trivial, but to
customers looking to find the time in their busy, hectic schedules to drop off and pick up dry cleaning,
they make all the difference. The free snacks and friendly customer service are definitely a bonus, but
for many, convenience can often times serve as the most important factor when selecting a business to
provide services.
In Leo Hopf’s very successful book, Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition: 12 Strategies To Renew
Your Business And Boost Your Bottom Line, he highlights a dozen very useful approaches that can help
not only take a business to the next level of success, but also help that business evolve with the
changing demands of the consumer. Hopf understands the importance of pleasing customers and
making a business stand apart from all the rest through a distinct process of re-branding to keep the
business fresh, understanding and making adjustments to tailor a business for the next great thing, and
most importantly, generating a profit.
One of the first strategies Hopf explains is referred to as “Catching the New Wave.”
Understanding a business’s particular target and making changes to fulfill customers’ needs is one
important way to renew a business. To further explain this process, Hopf writes of a case study that is
arguably the perfect example of successfully mastering this approach, none other than Milt and Edie’s
Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Center. The level of success that Milt has reached with his one of a kind
dry cleaning business would make most retail chains envious. With one location in the highly populous
area of Burbank, California, Milt and Edie have managed to set the standard for any competitors across
the country, if not the world. One of the wisest decisions that Milt has made, as Hopf points out, is
having a dry cleaning business that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As previously stated, the
friendly atmosphere and the complimentary treats are wonderful, but if there is one thing consumers
need to rely on these days, it’s a place where they can go at anytime of the day and know that they are
going to be helped in the best way possible. To many, dry cleaning may not seem all that exciting and
important, but to Milt and Edie’s customers, especially Leo Hopf, it makes a world of difference in the
way this successful business is run when you need a hem on a pair of pants fixed on a Sunday night at
8:00 PM.
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