Make More of Those On-The-Go Playlists When You Copy iPod to Computer

If you’re like a lot of iPod listeners, one of your favorite things to do is make up new playlists. You might spend hours each week working on making up new lists for different occasions. You’ve probably got a list for doing homework or work, a list for working out, a list for driving in the car, and a list for a romantic date. Having all these playlists can be a lot of fun, and sometimes making them can be a little addicting, too.

This is why many people love the on-the-go playlist making application on their iPods. With this application, you can put any song on your iPod into an impromptu playlist. Maybe you want a brand new list to express your mood for today. Maybe you’re just on a roll with discovering new music and are making a fantastic playlist for a friend. Either way, making these lists can be fun and interesting.

The problem, though, is that you can’t save or label on-the-go playlists. If you leave them on your iPod, they’ll just be named on-the-go and called by the order in which you made them. You won’t be able to rearrange them or fine tune your playlist making skills like you can when you’re actually making a list in iTunes.

What if you could change this, though? What if you could actually make playlists on the go on your iPod and then transfer them to your computer for further tweaking? What if you could copy iPod to computer? You might think it’s impossible with the restricted way that Apple has allowed you to use your iPod, but it’s actually not impossible. In fact, it’s pretty easy.

All you need is software that allows you to copy iPod to computer. This simple software that you can download is pretty cheap, and it’s been in software news everywhere lately. You can just use it along with your iPod and iTunes program, and you can do reverse transfers with your music. During these transfers, you can put your on-the-go playlists right onto your iTunes so that you can further perfect them – not to mention give them interesting names – before you put them back on your iPod in all their glory. This application alone makes the software that allows you to copy iPod to computer a worthwhile, but this software has many other interesting and useful applications, too.