Magnolia Park Neighborhood

The Magnolia Park area of Burbank is a vibrant, attractive residential center with the commercial strip of Magnolia Boulevard cutting through it. The small businesses and shops along Magnolia Boulevard are perfect for fine patio dining and afternoon antique patrols. Magnolia Park is a picturesque suburban thoroughfare that finds its juncture at Hollywood Way and Magnolia Avenue.

Magnolia Park is enjoying a resurgence from some depressed decades where business falloff and blight shut down several long time area businesses. The current atmosphere in Magnolia Park is shady streets, flowers, whimsical park benches, and a rededicated business booster organization. Street signs identifying Magnolia Park as a community with stylized logos show pride in the neighborhood. These elements have combined and assisted in making Magnolia Park again a pleasant morning or afternoon jaunt.

Conveniently located banks, antique stores, restaurants, and boutiques are just some of the light commercial stops residents like to visit from their nearby homes. Many homeowners in this area are ‘old Burbankans”, legacy homeowners from decades spent working at Lockheed Aircraft Manufacturing or the nearby Burbank studios. The Chandler Bikeway is just north of Magnolia Park, running as a faintly horizontal border to the area.

Magnolia Park includes Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School. The high school Magnolia Park feeds students to is John Burroughs High School. Luther Burbank Junior High School draws Magnolia Park children. Residents of Magnolia Park can elect to attend La Providencia High School on a tuition basis.

Magnolia Park residents enjoy Verdugo Park on California and Clark Street, and the Whitnall Highway fitness course between Verdugo and Clark streets next to Hollywood Way. Hollywood Way is a major traffic feeder into Burbank, riding all the way to the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport. Verdugo Park has a tennis court and picnic areas, as well as a children’s “jungle gym” area and sand play area.

Magnolia Park was a residential housing density that had its heyday in the 1950’s.

Historic remembrances of Magnolia Park include stores on Hollywood Way and Magnolia Boulevard. Robert Loghead bought the Lockheed land from the brothers for $40,000. Today, one plane from Lockheed might have been sold for that, and the land is worth millions of dollars.

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