Increase Efficiency with Reporting Features on Call Center Software

Choosing the right call center software for your business can be tough with all of today’s options that are available. However, one of the features that you definitely need to look for in the software your company uses is reporting. This type of feature allows the management to look over every single statistic in the call center, which can seriously increase productivity in a few ways.

The reporting feature of call center software isn’t there primarily to get individual employees in trouble for not working fast enough or taking the right calls. Good people management should teach your employees to use the system in an efficient way. Instead, the reporting feature can be used to spot overall trends in the call center and to help make those trends better in specific ways.

For instance, if you notice that people are calling in and staying on hold way too long, you might have to improve functions by adding a couple more employees. Maybe more people are calling into the center than ever before, which is good for business, but may also require growth in order to cope.

If your call center is struggling with first call resolution and you notice that customers are being transferred way too often, then you may need to institute an intelligent routing system. This type of system is a more effective way to get customers to where they need to go on the first try so that your call center can run more efficiently and get more problems taken care of on the first try. Your call center software should also have an intelligent routing option you can use to help improve this aspect of your call center.

Another way that reporting can help your call center is by helping you see where training needs to take place. This is particularly important when you’re dealing with changes in the software that you’re using on a daily basis. You can’t expect employees to know how to use a system perfectly well right off the bat. Instead of assuming this, you can use reporting features to see where the struggles are so that you can spend less time in trainings that are more intense and more focused on the specific needs of the call center. This, in turn, keeps your training costs lower and your employees happier in the long run.