How To Properly Stock a Medicine Cabinet and First Aid Supply Kit For Home and Office

We here in the first decade of the 21st century enjoy a high level of medical care, with seemingly most of the major problems easily treatable if caught early enough. However, the truth is that medical supplies often are much more important than medical knowledge in rendering effective treatment in most situations, and it is important to know this before a major medical disaster or catastrophe occurs.

It can be difficult for most people to adequately prepare for medical disasters, because they do occur with a low level of frequency, but when they do strike, a well prepared home or office will mean the difference between life and death for the person in question.

Here are a few of the things that you should have on hand in the home or in the workplace to ensure that most common medical emergencies can be dealt with. 

Wound Dressings

Medical supplies such as bandages, gauze, tapes and wraps are the most commonly used for a variety of different medical emergencies. Bandages and gauze, especially, should be the key feature of any well-stocked medical supply system, whether it is for your home or your office. Make sure to include scissors, tweezers, a sharp knife and other implements to ensure the fast and effective use of these wound-dressing materials. 


Especially in the home, make sure that all of the medications that you require are fully stocked in sufficient quantities for any situation. During certain natural disasters, you may be cut off from the ability to resupply for an extended period of time. Make sure, before disaster strikes, to have plenty on hand. 


Also, make sure that you have plenty of antiseptic agents for cleaning open wounds and disinfecting all tools and implements that need to be used during a medical emergency. The number one killer of people in first aid situations is infections that result from the lack of using a proper antiseptic agent in treating a wound.

CPR Aids

Especially for a workplace office, it is a good idea to ensure that all of the materials necessary for rendering CPR are on hand and that workers are trained in their proper use.

Heart Defibrillation System

Also for the work place, it is a good idea to have a heart defibrillation system on hand for any cardiac emergencies. The sooner a heart is defibrillated, the more likely survival is for the patient.