How Do I Buy Gold?

If you want to buy gold, you have plenty of options. Gold comes in numerous different forms and there are several different ways that you can own the metal. Some gold is made into coinage and some is made into simple metal squares of a known mass. You might own this gold outright and store it in your house or you may have the gold kept in a secure location and have in your possession titles that guarantee and detail your ownership of the gold held in that location.

You can buy gold in ingot form, and this is the most popular option with investors. An ingot is just a quantity of metal that is melted into a convenient shape and that is guaranteed as to its purity and its mass. Most often, investor grade bullion is .999 fine. Bullion is one of the most convenient ways to invest in metals. It is easy to store and easy to transport. It’s also easy to assign a value to it, as the amount is simply the mass multiplied by the current per-ounce rate on the market at the time of the sale. There are few easier ways to invest.

You may also want to buy gold in coin form. This makes the affair a bit more complicated, but many investors enjoy the beauty of the coins more than they do a simple square of gold. Bullion coins are struck by treasuries and their content and mass is guaranteed by the treasury that manufactured the coin. This makes them easy to verify and easy to sell, as long as they’re certified, as well. Buying coins can be great fun, in addition to begin a good investment, as there’s a lot of historical value to some of these coins.

Owning a title to a store of gold held elsewhere is another popular option, though it’s not practical for everyone. Only the largest of investors will usually find a practical need to own gold in this fashion. The equivalent strategy for most small investors is to buy gold and to have it held in a safe deposit box. The notable difference is that it’s much easier to access your gold when you want to. You’ll also sell your gold directly if you choose to part with it, rather than selling the titles, if you keep it in a bank.