Hillside Neighborhood

The Hillside (Hillside District) neighborhood is an exciting block of Burbank to consider for residential living, shopping, work, or play. This mountain-based region sits astride a sloping upper tier of Burbank that looks upon the city, directly down the long avenues of Magnolia and Olive. Hillside includes single family homes, apartment and condominium dwellings, golf courses, public parks, and entertainment and dining venues.

The Hillside District includes Wildwood Canyon Park, a family friendly hiking range climbing up the Verdugo Hills. While the topmost trail heads West to the extreme north area of Buena Vista Ave, and East to Glendale, the fire road down the back spine of the “radio tower” ends at the Burbank Nature Center. The Burbank Nature Center and Stough Park are one of many offerings of the Burbank Park and Recreation Department.

DeBell Golf course challenge weekday and weekend golfers of Burbank regularly. The Castaway restaurant, set atop Bel Aire Drive, is a night time and celebration venue as well as a special choice for everyday dining. The hillside area in the North of Burbank is considered a valuable residential place to live with a highly desirable standard of living. The dramatically revitalized San Fernando Road series of shops and stores, coffeehouses and destination dining is a far cry from the previously blighted “Golden Mall.” Summer movie screenings for the Burbank public occur in the Ikea courtyard.

Hillside area residents feed into Burbank High School as well as Bellarmine-Jefferson Catholic Middle/High School. Stretching South to incorporated Glendale, the Hillside District includes an accidentally omitted stretch of “Burbank” along Glenoaks that was absorbed into Glendale later. The Southerly edges of the Hillside district encompass much of what many consider Glendale.

The Hillside neighborhood runs from Sun Valley to Glendale, from the actual Verdugo hillside to the Interstate 5 Freeway. The heavier industrial premises on San Fernando Road and assorted residential and light commercial properties give a business quality and high density industrial flair to otherwise heavily residential Burbank. San Fernando Road along this North to South stretch is a popular freeway “alternative” in the legendary Southern California commuter traffic hours.

The Hillside area played host to the home of Luther Burbank, whose private airstrip also was located up in the Hills. Stough Park is named after an influential landowner who helped incorporate many important Burbank services. Citizens such as Burbank, Stough, Brand and others assisted in generating necessary support and city formation resources for the community.

The Hillside area is composed of very high value single family homes next to the mountains and lower value high density apartment living near San Fernando Road. The Hillside neighborhood has a less pure English speaking population relative to Burbank as a whole. There is also forty per cent volume of residents living in this neighborhood born in a foreign country. Rent is somewhat higher than the average norm, and Hillside is car-populous.

The Hillside mountain ridge of homes, park, hillside to Glendale inclusive along 134 include the Grand central neighborhood and is Pelanconi (residential) inclusive. These areas may be considered as “Glendale” by some, but to many people they are Burbank adjacent. The racial mix of the Hillside district includes much less white than Hispanic relative to most Burbank neighborhoods, with a densely Armenian population to boot.

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