Gordon R. Howard Museum

If you have looked at old time pictures of how the West was won, and wondered where Burbank fit into that scene, the Gordon R. Howard Museum can answer your questions. The Museum and Burbank Historical Society occupying the same location, houses many categories of Burbank history. The police force, the fire engines, the parade photographs, the early buildings and the unusual sights of long gone structures that were once found in the city of Burbank.

Photographs at the Gordon R. Howard Museum show that Jeffries was not only a Burbank street name but once upon a time was a famous boxer who lived in Burbank. Olive Avenue was not always a paved lane extending from hills to studio, but a mud road that lined the few buildings in the area. Learn about how Burbank was founded and developed, and how it evolved from a rancho parcel of land on a Mission map to the community of studios, aviation, commerce and residential living it is today.

The Gordon R. Howard Museum is in part the little old house on the Olive/George Izay park green space at the East end. The Victorian Mentzer House was built in 1887 and exists today as a showcase to the type of living that made the beginnings of Burbank. The Museum is in part annexed to the Ray Sence addition in which the 19th century room tableaux allow the aura of an era to pervade the consciousness of all visitors.

The Museum also has a Lockheed exhibit and many other interesting tidbits related to Burbank history which will astonish visitors, residents, and those who see Burbank as it is today rather than the agricultural center it once was. At the Museum, you can see the first Burbank schools as they were built, snd marvel at long gone architecture lost to the movie metropolis Burbank has become.

The Museum is a compelling history that will profoundly affect any Burbank resident and visitor.

Gordon R. Howard Museum Address:
Burbank Historical Society
115 Lomita Street
Burbank, CA 91506

Phone: (818) 841-6333

Website: http://www.burbankhistsoc.com