Family Promise East San Fernando Valley

Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley (FP-ESV) formed in March 2008. We are one of over 150 networks across the country affiliated with Family Promise, a non-profit committed to helping low-income families nationwide to achieve lasting independence. Family Promise helps mobilize communities to provide safe shelter, meals, and support services for homeless families and through programs designed to redress the underlying causes of homelessness. Summary of Program Benefits For Guests •Safe, homelike shelter where families can stay together •Guests cite the caring of volunteers as one of the most important benefits; "I never knew so many people cared." •Intensive case management by Network director to assist in finding housing and jobs and meeting other needs. •Guest families secure long-term housing For Volunteers •Opportunity to help homeless families directly; to make a difference •Opportunity to do outreach within their own congregation or a nearby location •Wide range of volunteer activities to vary schedules and levels of commitment •Opportunity for families to volunteer together For Congregations •Opportunity for outreach (within the congregation's own facilities) focusing on the needs of people in the community •Opportunity for participation in the community interfaith project •Increased sense of community among members as they share the effort For Community •Cost-efficient mobilization of community resources •Does not duplicate services already in the community; works with social service agencies to provide counseling, job training, help with housing search, etc. •Does not institutionalize shelter as a solution to homelessness •Becomes a catalyst for the other community initiatives, such as job counseling, parenting workshops, transitional housing, etc. This program is dynamic and comprehensive. It is for poor families that live in this area. You can help us, help others today! Would you make a contribution! Would your company help us! Please go to for more information.