Paintball is a fun game, but it can also be very challenging, both mentally and physically. The nature of the game can also, unfortunately, be dangerous to players unless the proper and correct safety guidelines and procedures are strictly adhered to by all concerned. The pellets used in paintball are fired at an extremely high velocity. Even with protective gear, it can be painful to be hit by one, but there is essentially nowhere more in need of protection during a game than the eyes.

Fortunately, that is why dye paintball goggles were created. There are strict standards covering goggles that are intended to be used for safety reasons in the paintball industry, being made to withstand the impact of paintball pellets which can be fired at astonishing speed of around two hundred and seventy miles per hour, so you can be assured that dye paintball goggles will provide you with optimum protection for your eyes during a game. Dye paintball masks also help to protect the rest of your face, an understandable requirement given the speed at which the pellets are fired from paintball guns. While goggles will protect the eyes, a mask will prevent painful injuries to the rest of your facial region.

A dye paintball mask needs to be carefully chosen to ensure that it fits onto the face both correctly and comfortably, in addition to protecting the ears whilst not rendering the wearer incapable of hearing what is happening in the game at the same time. Likewise, the mask needs to be ventilated adequately, so that the wearer’s breathing is not compromised by the wearing of the mask.

Because of the amount of equipment needed not only to play but to ensure safety whilst playing paintball, it can be quite an expensive game to be a participant in, although cost can be significantly lowered with a bit of searching (online, for instance) for the best and most reasonable brands dealing in specialist paintball equipment, and then sticking to that brand. Another option to keep costs down, especially for newcomers who are as yet uncertain whether they will be making the game of paintball a regular fixture of their sporting lives, is to rent equipment, at least initially, rather than buying them straight out.

As well as the face, other areas of the body also need to be protected during paintball games, meaning that other protective gear to cover the chest, legs and groin region also need to be purchased and taken into account.