Burger King Tests out Delivery – 3 Other Businesses Who Should Try It!

Burger King has recently made it known that it is trying out delivery in a limited number of locations.  It works for pizza and Asian food, right?  Why not burgers?  These questions lead to thoughts of other businesses that could give delivery a whirl, just to see how it goes.  The following seem to be the most logical and therefore the businesses that would appear to profit the most from a delivery option.

Grocery Stores

Busy professionals, working mothers, and the elderly alike would rejoice at this option.  Imagine being able to phone or e-mail in your shopping list and have it delivered to your door.  Oh the time we would save, and the jobs that would be created.  No longer would moms have to drag screaming kids through the store, no longer would the elderly have to rely on caretakers to fill their fridge, and those who eat out every meal due to lack of time to buy groceries could enjoy the evening at home.  With many grocery stores these days including pharmacies and delis with prepared foods, the deal gets even sweeter.  Have your monthly medications, groceries, and prepared dinner for the night delivered at once from the same place.  The addition of a mobile internet app would make things even better.


Imagine the late night workers that would love the opportunity to enjoy their favorite caffeinated beverage without having to stop and go get it.  A great example is a CPA during tax season.   They want their fix and they do not want to stop to get it.  A phone call to place a coffee order takes much less time than a coffee run, and the gourmet deliciousness would be a welcomed break from the same old black brew the office break room offers.  Add in the fact that late night munchies could be ordered as well and this could be real winner. Did you know Starbucks currently offers the ability to have a Starbucks location in your office?


First of all, they have to keep up with Burger King, right?  But with McDonalds competing on so many levels lately, with beverages from smoothies to coffee, and a huge variety to choose from on both the breakfast and dinner menus, it could become the delivery go to when everyone wants something different.  It could be worth it to them to see how Burger King fairs first, but if it does not work, they should learn from their mistakes and give it a shot anyway.  It just might be a different story. 

Americans love to indulge.  Delivery is the best of both worlds in that you get want you want you get it when you want it, and you have to put forth minimal effort to get it.  These businesses should step out and see delivery just might be the thing to move them to the next level.