Brace Canyon Park

Brace Canyon Park is a great area for a day trip for people who live in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the San Fernando Valley. Located in the Burbank North Estates neighborhood, Brace Canyon Park was initially opened in 1955, as a seedling park in a new neighborhood of mountain homes.

The sports fields were completed in 1960, and they were rededicated in 1975. Softball diamonds play host to the many leagues of child and adult Burbank softball and baseball games. They are also a favorite spot of casual athletes who aren't involved in organized sports leagues.

Brace is a scenic resource for Burbank residents jaded with the “lower Burbank” overbaked flats. Mountain breezes and tall trees with ball fields inside the “bowl” within make a pleasant respite during the infrequent triple digit summer days. Open areas can also be found at Brace Canyon, making the park a popular location for a springtime BBQ or birthday party.

A unique zipline make it the ideal kids’ park visit, and public tennis courts are fun for adults or children. Brace Canyon Park in Burbank is a great place to spend the afternoon.

Brace Canyon Park Address
Brace Canyon Park
2801 Haven Way
Burbank, CA 91504