Beginner�s Tips for Collecting Rare Coins

Are you interested in collecting rare coins? This can be a very rewarding hobby. Rare coins are not only a joy to collect, but this is also a hobby that can be used for short-term profit or long-term holding. If you are a beginner, then no doubt you are already itching to start buying coins and building a collection. Before you get started, consider a few pointers on how to collect coins.

For starters, make sure you have the proper tools to go about examining your coins. Buy yourself a portable magnifying glass tool so you can look at coins up close. Squinting your eyes and holding up coins to your face is a lot of trouble and will probably give you a headache after a while. The next must-have item is a price guide, such as Red Book or Black Book. Print books cost less than $15. You can find them in coin stores or perhaps online.

Before you buy any coins, invest in a protective sleeve and holder so your coins can be held without the threat of damage. However, if you have only started a collection of low grade coins (such as silver dimes) then you could probably start with a simple coin folder. Other storage options include Mylar flips, coin tubes and cardboard holders.

Keeping your coin free from dirt and human fingerprint is imperative! If you are handling a proof or uncirculated coin, every time you touch the metal, you are exposing it to oil and dirt. (No offense, that’s just human skin for you!) You are compromising the purity of your rare coins—not only as collectables, but also as pure bullion. Invest in a thin pair of cotton gloves so you can handle these precious and valuable coins. You should also buy non-abrasive cloth so you can lay your coins down on a safe surface.

Last but definitely not least, never clean your rare coins. Coins are not “cleaned”, at least not in the traditional rinse and dry sort of way. Rare coins do become dull and dirty after a while, but if you clean them with a rag, towel or cloth, you will compromise their bullion level. It will show and the end result is not pretty.

If you want to clean your rare coins, enlist the help of a professional who can guarantee a cleaning job with no damages. Keep these pointers in mind as you begin your new hobby.