Beach Party No-No's

Beach parties are great and are quite abundant in the summer. You have an excuse to get drunk and party hard with your friends and even with people you do not even know.

In Los Angeles, there are plenty of beach parties that take place in various hotspots like Venice, Manhattan, and Surfrider beaches. After the celebration has begun, party-goers may tend to get too drunk. While you may have been told not to drive, you did not listen. Unfortunately, driving under the influence (DUI) is considered a criminal offense. You may want to consider a Los Angeles DUI attorney to help you out of your case.

Each year, several drivers in California, including those from LA get arrested for DUI. If you are one of them you will face a number of penalties once you get convicted. Unfortunately for you, California has tough sentencing rules and is considered to have the strictest in the entire United States.

Conviction and Penalties
In California, it is against the law to drive if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at 0.08% minimum. If you get caught, you are deemed impaired even though you can still walk or drive without problems. It gets worse if you do not cooperate when submitting a urine, breath, or blood sample to the law enforcement officer who caught you.

The penalties for your offense will vary depending on your case, but if this is your first, you may face jail time from four days to six months. Penalties start at $1400 and your license will get suspended for at least 30 days. For your second or third offense, it gets even worse. Imprisonment is 10 days, $1800 fine, and one year license suspension. These are only the minimum punishments, so if you feel like you are in deep trouble, a Los Angeles DUI attorney can help.

Defending Your Case
Although penalties can be severe, an expert lawyer will not only provide you with guidance, but can also dismiss your charge or at least reduce your punishment. Different defenses are available so that you can get the most out of your case. For instance, if it was not you in the driver’s seat, your defense attorney will require the prosecution to prove first that you were the one driving. It is also possible that your attorney can prove that you were not under the influence of alcohol. As mentioned, your BAC should be at least 0.08% to get convicted of DUI. If it is below 0.05%, you will not be charged.

There is also “probable cause” where the officer had no legitimate reason to pull your car over. If this is the case, the evidence of intoxication may become invalid. There are also cases where the breathalyzer was imprecise. Your attorney can challenge the results especially if you believe that the test was not administered properly by the officer. You can also support this if there are other factors that may have an impact on the test results accuracy.

You can place your trust in a Burbank DUI lawyer. It is imperative that you contact one immediately because a DUI is a serious offense that can upset your employment and future. Choose the right lawyer to save your license and even have the charge reduced or dismissed.