Are You Hesitant About Getting an Extended Warranty Plan for Your Electronics?

It’s understandable to have reservations about anything you have to spend extra money on.  There are many reasons why a person might not want to choose an electronic device service plan.  Each reason is important to consider, but you should thoroughly think through them before turning down the opportunity to cover your products beyond the manufacturer’s warranty with a Matrix Protection Plan.  

More Money

Yes, you will always have to pay more to get more; that’s the good point about Matrix Protection, you always get more.  More includes the ability to have your products fixed or repaired at any time they are broken or damaged.  More means more of your devices are covered by one flat rate versus paying for each and every product plus an individual warranty.  More means more peace of mind in knowing you’re less likely to need to replace an item.

You’ll Never Need It

This is the classic answer people give about anything that requires a little extra effort or cost.  It’s a good thing that some people will never need many types of services they pay for, including insurance.  Without protection though, the consumer ends up paying more out of pocket when something does go wrong.  However, just because you may never need it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it.  The one low price for Matrix Protection coverage is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

You Don’t Own Many Electronics

Quantity is not always the issue when it comes to electronics.  You can own dozens of inexpensive items in your home, or you can have two or three items that reach into the thousands.  That’s part of the reason why an all-in-one coverage plan makes sense when it comes to those products.  Whether you have 2 or 222 gadgets, you’ll still pay the same price to cover them all.  Any covered product you purchase in the future can be added to the plan and you still will pay the same flat rate.  You may start out with three or four items on the plan, but in a year or two or three, you may have dozens.  You won’t have to pay more, but you still get more coverage.

You like Buying Things New and Replacing Them Anyway

Many people are very much into buying the latest and the greatest items.  This “Keeping up with the Jones” mentality isn’t always bad, but it can get out of hand.  The same is true for electronics.  You don’t always need the latest upgrade, version, or model.  Many of these upgrades occur unnecessarily because many consumers buy new rather than pay for costly repairs.  Before you consider turning down a protection plan because you feel you will buy something else if it malfunctions or breaks, you should think about several things: How much money are you spending every year on these replacements?  Could the money be used for something more useful?  Savings, retirement, college funds, and vacations are just a few of the things you could be enjoying instead of buying new rather than repair.  With Matrix Protection for these electronics, you’ll only continue to pay the low monthly fee every month instead of the cost of repair or replacement, saving you hundreds and maybe even thousands on new products you thought you needed.