Are Companies Beginning to Accept Online Degrees?

Over the past 20 years, internet access and remote technology have become widely available and an integral part of daily life. For most people, work, home and academic life are inseparable from online networks. One area where remote technology has made a strong stand is in online degrees. 

Online Education More Available Than Ever

Online degree programs are available though thousands of colleges offering hundreds of degrees. Local universities now offer many degree programs through mixed and distance courses. Adults returning to college while in the work force are finding the flexibility of online degrees essential to climbing corporate ladders or making career changes. New college students may find online education offers more choices, especially for those who are unable to travel or move.

Acceptance of Online Education

In the baby years of online college degrees, many companies did not look favorably upon applicants with such credentials. Online programs were seen as suspect or sub-par. Many people thought individuals who sought online programs were unable to gain admission into traditional schools or did not possess the skills to complete college coursework. Some online degree programs were seen as selling diplomas to those willing to pay tuition costs.

As remote technology has developed and more organization have joined the online ranks, however, online degrees have experienced a more favorable reputation. The top universities in the country offer distance learning programs. In some cases, it is impossible to determine whether a degree was obtained online or by attending traditional classrooms.

When considering online education, it is still important to choose a school with a good reputation and proper accreditation. Accreditation is essential when attending schools as a prerequisite for state or federal licenses, such as programs for pharmacy techs or licensed practical nurses. If you are looking for a flexible way to broaden career horizons, you should consider online degrees. Versatile degree programs accepted by almost all companies today mean you can work full time, increase your education and make yourself more valuable to current or future employers.