Add Value to Your Collection with Certified Coins

If you’ve been collecting coins for some time and you’re ready to start taking your hobby more seriously, be sure to focus on certified coins. Coins that are certified add value to your collection if they are graded by one of the top tier grading services, PCGS or NGC.

In today’s numismatics market, coins that are not certified are a bit of a stumbling block for collectors. The fact is, advanced and even hobbyist collectors prefer coins that are professionally graded and encapsulated by a reputable company. If you own quality raw coins, you can add to their value by having them certified.

The primary reason collectors prefer certified coins is because it makes them a “safe” bet in terms of authenticity. When one of the two prominently respected grading companies grades and certifies your coins, it’s basically a stamp of approval confirming it is what it is in terms of condition as well as authenticity.

Grading services today rely on technology to help them identify counterfeit coins or coins that have been chemically or otherwise enhanced. Collectors who spend substantial sums of money on coins prefer to know that they are actually getting what they pay for. This reassurance is provided by PCGS and NGC.

Focusing on certified coins in your collection will make it easier to sell your collection or just trade a few coins. You are almost certain to obtain a better price for your coins if they are professionally certified versus raw.

It’s important to keep that benefit in mind when you are buying professionally graded and encapsulated coins. You will pay more for these coins versus those that are not encapsulated. However, if you are interested in adding real value to your collection that will someday pay off, the extra cost will be worth it.

As an added bonus, coins that are certified are contained within a very durable capsule that’s designed to keep them safe from damage. You should still take care to protect your certified coins from atmospheric elements, and it is possible to break the capsule through mishandling. Yet encapsulation is a valuable means of protecting against accidental damage or wear and tear through handling.

If you see coins that are graded and certified by another grading company besides PCGS or NGC, be wary. Many grading services are notorious for over-grading coins, and serious collectors know this. Coins certified by other grading companies are simply not going to add as much value to your collection as PCGS or NGC graded coins will.