A Guide to Understanding a Constructability Review

One of the most important parts of any type of building project is getting a constructability review of all the plans for your project. The whole purpose of this service is to make sure that your plans are all in order before submitting your plans to local and state governments for their approval. Your building project cannot officially begin until you have this approval, and getting a review of the plans can help ensure that you have met all of the requirements needed to be approved so that your project can get underway.

If the individual or company who is doing the review only leaves minor comments for small corrections to your plans, you know you are ready to take what you have to the government. If the plans need major changes, you may need to restructure the timeline for the project in order to make the needed changes to your plans.

Constructability reviews are traditionally done by firms that specialize in this type of analytical work, such as PC Associates. Every building project is different, so you may need a specific type of firm to help you with your specific project. If you are looking to build a new school building, you may want a firm that has previous experience in this area. There are also firms like the one mentioned above that can help you with just about any type of building project you might have to ensure that your plans are correct and complete so that you can get the approval and permits you need to get building. These firms often work closely with the overall manager of the project to help provide additional perspective to the project.

One of the most important aspects of getting a constructability review is timing. You want to get a constructability review done when the plans for your building project are at least 90% to 100% complete. You want to make sure you do not give the plans to the firm you have chosen too early as the professionals doing the review will not be able to provide adequate comments and suggestions on the finished project.