5 First Dates in Burbank

First dates can be nerve-racking experiences; with so much running through your mind you can easily be too distracted to even enjoy them. You are worried about how you’re presenting yourself, what you’re saying, making sure you don’t spill anything and so on.  While simultaneously trying to stay engaged in what is going on and getting to know this person you are out with. And if you are the one deciding on what to do on your first date, then you feel even more pressure. Fortunately if you live in Burbank, California there are some fantastic first date ideas that are a little different and sure to please.  

Instead of going to a movie how about checking out where the movies are made. The Warner Brothers Studios offers behind the scenes, on the lot tours. You can see where some of your favorite shows like “Friends” was made, or see currently filmed shows like Ellen. There is a really good chance that a celebrity will crash your tour adding more fun and excitement.

One of the great things about Burbank, California is the weather. Because of this you could take in a concert at the Starlight Bowl virtually any night of the summer. There is an array of bands and people who play at the Starlight from rockers like Rick Springfield to more classic music from the Burbank Philharmonic. You can find seating near the stage or have a picnic on the grass, either way you and your date will enjoy a memorable night of music out under the stars.

For something a little more personal and casual, you could take your date to the Mindfulnest in Burbank. This one of a kind shop is described as an ‘artisan environment store’ full of ‘affordable, beautiful, inspiring and amusing products.’ This is a great place to relax and talk as you shop for fun items, or simply peruse the isle looking at the eclectic fare.

If you want to let loose a little and tap into your inner kid, take your date to the All Amusement Fun Center. There are classic video games as well as modern delights. Sit in a racecar and challenge your date to a Daytona 500 race, or grab a disk and enjoy some air hockey. You can enjoy retro style pinball games, slot style games, and so much more. You’ll be like a couple of kids laughing and just having fun.

If you don’t want to play games, ride around in studio tours, or sit out under the stars then try the Getty Center. They have breathtaking gardens that were designed by contemporary artist Robert Irwin, architecture designed by Richard Meier, and a museum collection of European drawings, paintings, sculptures and so much more.

Make sure you are prepared to spend a little money on your date as well. Be financially responsible and know the best credit cards to apply for. Another good idea is to find out what some of the best savings account interest rates are in for you, and open up a special "dates" account to keep track of your spending - when you're in love, you tend to spend less time being frugal. This way you can be smart about your money, and relax on your date. Both will leave a good impression for your first date.