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Bulbtronics is your primary source for all lamps, LEDs, batteries or other lighting-related needs. They have electrical products for the Stage/Studio, Medical/Scientific, Industrial/Commercial and Hospitality marketplaces. With an impressive selection consisting of over 60,000 products in seven locations internationally, it is easy to see why Bulbtronics has a reputation for supplying quality products and outstanding customer service.

Beginning in 1976, Bulbtronics started to build a reputation for supplying customers with light bulbs that were hard to find anywhere else. They were able to grow and expand quickly. In 1998, they offered their customers more by supplying batteries. They even have recycling containers and specialty products for select markets. With seven distribution centers that are fully stocked around the world, Bulbtronics has an impressive future that looks brighter than ever!

They offer various products for both industrial and commercial use. They have a selection of lamps for general lighting, specialty lamps, batteries, ballasts and drivers, sockets and socket adapters as well as many fixtures. They also offer lamp-holders, flashlights and various tools. They have stage expendables for entertainment needs as well as electronic light control. For medical and scientific purposes, they offer lamps for everything from diagnostic equipment to facility lighting as well as great accessories.

Bulbtronics is absolutely committed to the highest standard of excellence in the sourcing and distribution of bulbs, batteries and related products for a wide variety of industries and applications, with an unmatched commitment to exceptional customer service, product support and order fulfillment.

Bulbtronics takes great pride in their team of highly knowledgeable sales representatives. They will work with you to guarantee that you are finding exactly what you need and all you desire whatever your project may be. They aim to exceed your expectations every time! Now that is great customer service!

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