So Relaxed Spa

As soon as you enter the So Relaxed Spa in, you’ll start to feel at peace. With an atmosphere that combines the cultures of India and Thailand, the spa provides the perfect setting for letting go of your stress and increasing your wellness.

So Relaxed Spa’s services range from the aesthetic to the therapeutic. From threading, waxing and facials to a variety of massage techniques, the spa will make you look and feel better. Whether you desire a Thai, deep tissue or hot stone massage, you will find So Relaxed Spa an easy place to relax. The specialists at the spa utilize the traditional Hindu system of Ayurveda to help relieve the stress, tension and emotion of daily life. Using the curative properties of plants, herbs and essential oils, they will improve your skin’s health, healing and cleaning it naturally.

Using the Ayurvedic philosophy, So Relaxed Spa can even treat skin with special problems with hand-made treatments imported from India just for you. In addition to their hand made skin-care products, the spa has a number of other imported products from India, including custom-made designer anklets, toe rings and hand-printed table cloths, scarves, pillow covers and bed sheets. These products will allow you to bring home the relaxing and exotic feeling of the spa.

At So Relaxed Spa in Burbank, they take you to a place of peace and meditation unlike any other. For more information on their services and techniques, visit their website at If you have any questions or if you would like to set an appointment, don’t hesitate to call (818) 729-9263. The spa is located on the second floor at 916 W. Burbank Blvd in Unit U.