Paul R. Giunta Photography

Capturing the natural beauty of his subjects on a daily basis, Paul Giunta offers his talented services to Burbank residents!

An accomplished photographer, Paul Giunta has been committed to capturing moments in time ever since he was eleven. He fell in love with photography as a boy and has since then allowed his passion to take him to new heights.

With his fantastic work being featured in top-tier media, such as Rolling Stone, TIME and The New Yorker, Paul Giunta brings his gifts to you. To capture all of the precious moments and expressions we hold so dear, let Paul Giunta give you the absolute best. Skim his impressive work yourself and you will understand why Paul Giunta should always have a camera in hand.

Does your living room have an appropriate, up-to-date picture that encompasses the personalities of those who live in your home? Do your Christmas, Graduation, or Baby Shower cards have the perfect picture you desire to freeze that moment in time? Let the same photographer who has featured work in Entertainment Weekly, Music Radar and LA Weekly work for you. Paul Giunta will share pieces of his imagination with you and work with you to understand exactly what it is you are trying to convey through the pictures. His eye will be able to give you exactly what you want, and even exceed your expectations.

Have a corporate event that needs to be remembered? Letting just any photographer work it for you may not give you the pictures and memories you were hoping for. Paul Giunta prides himself in doing beautiful work every time and has the clientele to prove it! Paul Giunta has had top-business clients such as Kraft Foods, MTV Networks, IBM, La Poste, Subversive Jewelry, Trixy Starr, and Livewell 360. He will photograph your band, your wedding, your birthday or give you headshots.

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