Patty Guzman promotes International Student Exchange

Patty Guzman is a passionate & enthusiastic area representative that matches volunteer host families like yours with students from abroad.These foreign exchange students range from 15 – 18 years in age. Patty is devoted to her passion and enjoys it immensely. She works every day towards accomplishing the bigger picture of “bringing borders closer together”.

This cultural exchange program works with the highest hopes of expanding cultural awareness. It is an experience and opportunity for the international student to learn firsthand about our American ways of life, rather than what they hear and see in the media. It is truly an experience you will love, benefit from and never forget!

This past year Patty and her family experienced firsthand the joy of hosting Jonas, a high school junior from Switzerland. Jonas played many sports, maintained great grades and made many American friends. Patty happily reports that he recently stayed with them for 2 weeks this year to attend his “American Senior prom” and will be visiting again over the summer to see his American friends.

If you share in the passion of expanding cultural awareness, this is the ideal opportunity to open up your hometosomeone who is genuinely interested in learning about America! Not only does your foreign exchange student have an enthusiasm for visiting America, but you and your family are given the perfect opportunity to learn all about an entirely different culture! Your children will learn about a different way of routine life that is absolutely authentic.

Opportunities like this are meaningful and fulfilling for you and your entire family. By partaking in the program, you aregraciously giving the beautiful gift of knowledge, experiences and friendships to a willing foreign exchange student. He or she will remember their American experiences with you and your family their entire life.

For more information, contact Patty today. Open your heart and home and share in the experience of a lifetime!

Patty Guzman ● Area Representative, ISE[email protected]