Ming’s Acupuncture, Massage & Herbs

When western medicine fails to give you the ideal results you desire and deserve, do not lose hope! Join thousands of others who have turned to Ming’s Acupuncture, Massage & Herbs to help them with various pains.

Many are quick to turn to surgeries when an issue arises. You will be pleased to learn that Eastern diagnosis and treatments aim to stay away from surgeries but are also, of course, not nearly as costly. Treating so many for over 28 years, Ming Dai uses Chinese medicine, techniques and methods to give so many fantastic results that have never failed to impress! She received office space in San Francisco from a businessman who believed he needed his foot to be amputated. He was so impressed by her many treatments with his foot that he decided to donate the space to her so that she may reach so many others and deliver the same exceptional services.

She offers various herbal formulas that are actually being researched and tested by other doctors that she has partnered with. Her impressive track record of happy, healthy and pain-free patients have many wondering why Eastern medicine isn’t practiced everywhere.

For Burbank acupuncture, make sure you visit this talented practitioner! Check out http://www.ming-acupuncture.com today!