Cand J Couture

For Bubank décor unlike any other, Cand J Couture gives you brilliant designs that are innovative, fresh and gorgeous!

Whether you love beautiful jewelry, delicate center pieces or elegant items around your home, Cand J Couture is the perfect solution for you. Handcrafted by the talented Stalla, Cand J Couture has many pieces that are crafted together in phenomenal detail!

Browse through the stellar selection of Cand J Couture and you will find a lovely array of tiaras, jewelry, vases, candles, champagne glasses as well as shoes! You can even rent various centerpieces for your special occasion or event.

Cand J Couture has a gorgeous selection of bridal veils that you will never see anywhere else! The bride can take comfort in knowing that her amazing veil is truly unique as well as genuinely designed with passion and a love for beauty. No wedding is complete without champagne and Cand J Couture has the perfect pair for you! These are not only gorgeous in your hand at your reception, but they will remain timeless on your mantle for years to come.

Cand J Couture features Stella’s latest work in bridal crowns and tiaras. From traditional to not, Stella’s artistic eye guarantees every piece of work is a masterpiece.

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