Burbank FAQ

Although Burbank.com is not affiliated with the City of Burbank, California government, we can help answer some of your frequently asked questions.

Where do I find the official City of Burbank, California website?
While Burbank.com offers information about the city of Burbank for people looking for vacation information or for local businesses, we are not affiliated and do not maintain a relationship with the City of Burbank, CA.For more information about the city, visit the City of Burbank website.

How do I get a marriage license in Burbank, California?
To have a wedding performed in Burbank, CA, you will need to contact the Los Angeles County Recorder - Clerk's office to apply for a marriage license. The closest office is located in Van Nuys, and they can be reach at (818) 374-7176, or you can visit the LACRC office online: http://www.lavote.net.

What are the hours for Burbank Parks?
Burbank Park hours vary seasonally, and the information can be found on the Burbank Parks Department website. You can also find out information about Burbank public swimming pools and other public park facilities.

Do I need a permit for a yard sale in Burbank?
Yes, you will need a garage sale permit to hold a yard or garage sale in Burbank. The License and Code Services Division issues the permits and manages the city's permit enforcement program. Visit the City of Burbank website for more details and to apply for a permit online.

What do I do if I receive a parking ticket or parking citation in Burbank?
For more information about parking citations, visit the Burbank Police Department parking ticket page.

What day is my trash pickup, and does Burbank have a recycling program?
To find out your neighborhood's garbage pick up date, please visit the Street and Sanitation Division of the Burbank Public Works Department website. You can also learn more about Burbank's recycling program and other valuable information.

How can I find information about local businesses in Burbank?
You can get the phone numbers and addresses of local businesses in Burbank by visiting the Burbank.com Directory.

How do I participate in the weekly Burbank Farmers Market?
There is a Farmer's Market every Saturday morning behind City Hall in Burbank. For information about setting up a booth and participating in the Market, contact the Burbank Parks and Recreation office at (818) 238-5300.

How do I get a permit for a party in a Burbank Park?
If you would like to have a party, special event, wedding, or other function in a Burbank Park, you need to call the Burbank Parks and Recreation office to reserve a special permit. You can reach the office by calling (818) 238-5300.

Where can I get Burbank voting information?
To get information about how you can vote in Burbank, visit the city of Burbank City Clerk's website for details. The site will tell you how to get your ballot, how to register to vote, and it provides details about when ballots are due.

How do I get in touch with a school in Burbank?
Burbank.com has a list of public school phone numbers and addresses. You can also visit the Burbank Unified School District website for more information.

What hotel chains are in Burbank?
There are several hotels located in and around Burbank. Some of the largest hotel chains such as Marriott and Holiday Inn have hotels in the city of Burbank, and hotel reservations can be made via Burbank.com. People who are visiting area theme parks and studios frequently stay in Burbank's hotels because many are within close driving distance.