Woodland Hills and The Solar Energy Alternative

Going solar will save our planet and it is the wave of the future. Our legacy to our children demands that we in our lifetimes reduce our carbon footprints by taking responsibility for the way we utilize energy. Beyond this important goal, there is also the fact that the technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, which translates into good prices and savings. It is estimated that the installation of solar panels is comparable in price to upgrading a bathroom and that monthly savings for those who rely on air-conditioning will justify the initial investment many times over.

The Million Solar Roofs Program has propelled the state of California forward towards a cleaner and less costly energy future. Woodland Hills Solar Energy offers a unique solar electric system that is highly versatile and user-friendly. Committed to providing the residents of southern California with a conventional source of solar energy, the standard installation consists of solar panels and an inverter both of which function from the roof as they convert the sun’s electricity into energy that can be utilized by home appliances.

Net metering is a process that occurs when the solar panels generate more electricity than the home can use. It involves “selling” the electricity to the local utility company in the form of a credit. Since solar panels cannot generate electricity after the sun goes down, the electric utility “buys back” the current generated during daylight hours, offsetting operational costs. It is estimated that 95% of electrical needs can be properly generated by the ideal solar electric system.

In order to determine savings or the return on investment (ROI) if purchasing a Woodland Hills solar energy system, it is essential that the consumer know the total cost of a system, the length of its useful life and both the current and probable future cost of the traditional energy the solar energy system will replace.

Adapting solar energy to meet modern electrical needs is not only cost-effective; it is also a big part of the solution in reducing our carbon footprint. The time to make a difference in the environment is now; not tomorrow or next week. By doing our part, one person at a time, we can save our planet.

We owe it to our children and our children’s children. NOW is the time to act.