Will the iPad Mini Work With Online Textbooks, Too?

For students and businesses that rely on the use of digital textbooks, it is integral to have devices that make accessing them easy.

Reading textbooks on an iPad or any other tablet has definitely become an easier, lighter way to access these online textbooks without carrying around bulky books. Many textbooks can be stored on one device weighing less than two pounds. With Apple updating its iPad with newer devices like the iPad Mini, you may wonder if your online textbooks will be compatible with this new gadget.

Well, rest assured that downloading textbooks on an iPad Mini will work. The iPad Mini market is actually driven towards education, which means that textbooks have to be part of the focus. With iPads being common place in the office as well as the classroom, consumers will respond favorably to a smaller, lighter, and (somewhat) cheaper alternative. Because it has become an important use for tablet devices, there is no need to worry that the  iPad Mini won't be capable of handling digital textbooks The availability of online textbooks also depends on third-party publishers, but the textbooks that already exist on the iPad will still be accessible via the iPad Mini.

Size Doesn’t Matter
A few specs on the iPad Mini; it has a screen size of 7.9 inches and a resolution of 1024 x 768. This is the same resolution as the iPad 2. This screen size will not make viewing textbooks on iPad mini a hassle, although it is a smaller device.

Touch functions may be a bit smaller than before because it will still run the same 4 x 3 ratio. The device will only be 7.2 mm in thickness, weighing 308 g, which coupled with the size, will make it easier to carry around, whether in the classroom, at work, or anywhere else you plan to take it. Although the machine will be smaller, the Apple apps - textbooks on iPad included - are expected to run seamlessly. At its introductory pricing, the base price is $329 for 16GB. The price, of course, increases with memory size with 32GB for $429 and 64GB at $529. All prices are for the Wi-Fi version. iPad Mini’s with cellular capability are significantly more. Apple's release date for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini was November 2, 2012, with cellular versions coming a few weeks later.

With the demand for textbooks on iPad and other tablets, the need has been solidified and Apple has created the iPad Mini to still incorporate a graphical interface making viewing online textbooks just about as simple as on its larger counterparts.