Will Phone Land Lines Be Around in 25 Years?

Your home phone service as you know it will not be the same in 25 years from now, and that is a fact. The future of telephone landlines is looking bleak and some people believe that it will disappear from our lives in the next five years already. Even personal computers seem to be on their way out.

The well-known UK wireless and internet provider Virgin Media Business, carried out a survey which found that about 65% of all chief information officers believe that the telephone land line and the home phone service as we know it, will completely disappear from homes and offices in five years. About 62% had the same view about the future of PCs. For many people it would have been difficult to imagine an office without any telephone land lines 10 years ago, but now it has become hard to imagine a life without smartphones.

With the amazingly rapid changes that have been experienced in communication technology over the last decade or so, the results of the survey come as no real surprise. While there could be some doubt as to the findings concerning the future of PCs and other technologies such as the tablet or laptop, there seems to be far less doubt about the death of telephone land lines - or at least their widespread use. Another recent study revealed that almost a third of all U.S. households use only cellphones. In Canada though, people are still hanging onto their land lines, as the 2010 study discovered that only 13% of homes in Canada use cellphones only. It did show, as well, that about half of the Canadian population under 35 years does not use land lines anymore.

The End is In Sight
According to Peter Cochrane, a leading futurologist, the entire home phone service and its infrastructure are going to disappear as soon as all the last fiber-optic cables needed for offices and homes, are in place. According to him the current public telephone network is on the verge of being closed down entirely and that it will then be as significant as Morse code is now. Wireless connections are going to be the norm all over and that is the only reason why land lines are still in place, because wireless connectivity is not yet available everywhere.

Tablet and smartphone technology generally offers more benefit, which is why most people depend on them today. They offer you the ability to send and receive emails and you can literally take your office and work with you wherever you go. People prefer to stay in touch after work through social networks and texting as well. The traditional home phone service has lost several of its benefits. It used to be cheaper to make phone calls using a land line, but with the introduction of Skype and other similar online services, it is now much cheaper to use these services, especially to make international calls.

When you look at how many phone calls you make and receive on your land line nowadays, you will start to realize that the end is near. Compare that with how many text messages and emails you send, and the end will seem even nearer.