Why You Should Use LA Solar Energy

It seems everyone is going green, and if you live in LA, solar energy is an excellent green alternative to using traditional electricity. So, what is solar energy? Simply, it is the energy derived from the sun. Human beings have been using solar energy for generations, but are only now realizing the potential uses and benefits of it. Society’s use of solar energy is limited only by our imagination and creativity.

The sun shines most of the time in LA, so solar energy is an excellent tool to use to power generators and other engines for providing electricity to the home or office. The most common way we harvest solar energy is through the use of solar panels, which may be on the roof, or anywhere around the location using the solar energy. But the way a building is positioned, the materials used, and way space is designed and used can all make use of solar energy without harvesting it. Potential uses for solar energy include heating and cooling, lighting during the day, distilling and disinfecting water, heating water, cooking and some industrial uses.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Costs and Rebates: The cost of living is high in LA. But solar energy use can help by lowering the costs of electricity and other costs which are not necessary when using solar energy. In addition, California, and LA solar energy in particular, provide per-watt rebates for residential solar energy systems.

While this is a great deal for residents wanting to use solar energy, it seems that the LA Department of Water and Power, during a meeting November 2, 2010, were trying to scale back on the amount of the rebate. In addition to rebates, federal tax credits are available when you purchase a solar system.

Environment: It’s agreed by most people that solar energy is better for the environment than other forms of energy, and the best for future generations. Solar energy harvesting does not require the use of fuel or moving parts, making it a clean, silent form of energy. The more we learn about the effects of our living on the environment, the more alternatives we will seek to protect the environment. Solar energy is here and an excellent alternative to regular power sources.

Efficiency: Prior to buying and installing your own LA solar energy system you should consider replacing old appliances with energy efficient models. This will save you even more money in power and energy costs.