Why We Love the Silver Eagle

Why is the silver Eagle coin so popular today?  To start, it is the official bullion coin of the United States, meaning that unlike rounds, the silver content of these coins are backed up with a guarantee by the U.S. government.  What else makes these coins a popular pick? 

Silver price has seen quite the ride over the past several years, but it remains a steady investment because of the fact that it never completely bottoms out like other investments.  The precious metal silver always has value.  Even if there was an emergency which left you stranded in another country, silver would be accepted worldwide in exchange.  Silver coins are just an easy way to store and transport a part of your wealth, and the American Eagle is just such a coin. 

The silver Eagle is a popular choice due to all of the variations involved, which make it affordable for every budget.  They come in bullion, proof and uncirculated varieties, so you can choose if you are stockpiling the bullion versions, or buying proof or uncirculated versions for private collections.  The silver version of these coins only comes in one troy ounce, unlike the gold version, which can be purchased in 1/10 ounce size and up.  Silver is a more affordable metal then gold however, so these coins are often still within the budget of most collectors and investors.  These coins are popular for another reason as well; they can be used in individual retirement accounts or IRAs.  That means tax sheltered investments in solid assets. 

Silver Eagle coins are also considered among of the most beautifully minted coins by the United States.  They feature Adolph Weinman’s original 1916 design of Walking Liberty as well as the newer 1986 John Mercanti design of the symbolic American bald eagle, shield and stars.  Beauty, of course, can be a factor in later collectability and profitability.  

As the status of the country changes over the next few decades, expect these coins to drastically increase in value.  They are not just silver coins but time capsules of 2011—an important era in American culture.