Why Chewy Tubes Make Sense

Have you heard of Chewy Tubes? They’re really quite wonderful. In case you haven’t heard of them, allow us to take a brief moment to explain what they are. Essentially, they are exactly what they sound like. They’re tubes that you chew on. They extend from a handle that is very easy to grasp. The best way to use them is to place the ends of them into your mouth sideways. The original intent for them was for use in jaw rehabilitation therapy, but their uses have since evolved far beyond that. In fact, they have a number of uses, and they’re used by a wide variety of patients.

In terms of jaw rehabilitation therapy itself, there are two common situations in which a patient might greatly benefit from the use of Chewy Tubes. After either a stroke or some type of oral surgery, it is often true that patients need to retrain their chewing muscles in order to restore normal chewing capabilities. Using these tubes, patients are able to do just that. Also, patients with autism sometimes constantly feel the need to be chewing on something. So, especially for kids, these tubes can provide an alternative chewing surface that prevents them from chewing on everything else available to them.

Another reason Chewy Tubes make so much sense is that they’re easy to use. We hinted at this earlier but it goes beyond that. That’s not the only way they’re easy to use. They’re also easy to clean. That’s important, because if they weren’t clean, then they wouldn’t be safe. So, it’s probably a relief to you to know that all you have to clean them with is some simple soap and water. Speaking of safety, it’s probably also a relief to you to know that no toxic materials are used in their manufacturing. In fact, they’ve even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

A final reason these products make so much sense is that they’re specifically targeted to particular types of users. For example, if you are one of those stroke or surgery patients we talked about, and you’re having trouble opening your mouth very widely, then you may want to use a yellow chewy tube. They’re the smallest in diameter. Not only are there different diameters available, there are different textures, too. Some of them are smooth, and some of them are knobby.