Why Bon Vital is the Answer to Pain Alleviation

If you are starting your own business in massage, the amount of products on the market today may seem overwhelming.  Once you acquire your essentials such as your table, it gets down to the smaller products that really make your massages stand out above the rest.  Don’t be discouraged by all of the choices, just look for top trusted brands such as Bon Vital.

This company offers massage products that are completely unscented and are completely natural.  This may not seem like a big concern at first, but once you have a larger array of clients you are sure to encounter those with allergies to chemical based products and smells and those who simply dislike strong fragrances applied to their bodies.  If you think about it, this makes perfect sense, as one smell may be pleasing to one person and be a completely bad experience for another; thus, it is wise to use unscented products when possible. 

Bon Vital offers a wide variety of products including hand creams and cleaners, massage oils, lotions and gels, as well as cooling sprays and salt scrubs.  The lotions and oils are usually what most people start out with when trying the brand.  The original formula is still a top seller, as it is very smooth and silky while being non-greasy.  This formula is good for those clients who may have nut oil allergies, as it has no nut oils, but contains natural olive oils and extracts. 

The salt and sugar scrubs are becoming very popular, and come both scented and unscented.  The natural scents in these scrubs are light and come in fragrances such as mojito, pink grapefruit and lemon sage.  These scrubs are the little “extra” that really impresses clients, as they truly pamper clients.  (And yes, clients keep coming back for more!)  Bon Vital is a wonderful company with some truly outstanding products.  Find more information online from a medical info site, including pictures and reviews from other professionals who use this company’s products in their work.