What to Expect from Assessment Testing

When applying to a new job, you may be faced with an occupational assessment exam. More and more employers are using assessment testing in order to quickly identify job candidates that have the required skills that will contribute the most value to their organization. One way to be prepared for these assessments is to understand their purpose and know what to expect before you get started.

While the assessments vary depending on the specific company’s needs and requirements, most follow the same basic principles and structure. They are usually given electronically and include multiple-choice questions. The tests are to be taken using strict time limits. Most of the limits allow for one to two minutes for each question. The idea is that you should not need to take much time to reason out the problem. The employers want to know what answers will come naturally to you without any help or research.

Once again, employers may have very specific questions that are of interest to them, but most assessment testing practices are aimed to measure your memory skills, your attention to detail, your problem solving skills, and your critical thinking skills. Most employers use these assessments to find employees that are able to follow directions, use basic math, and show good reasoning and judgment.

It is possible to practice assessment test questions before you take a test for a potential employer. You can find practice tests available online that will help you practice the types of questions you will often see on employee assessments. This includes questions that will test your grammar and verbal skills. These questions show that you can read, understand, and give directions if necessary. You will also want to practice questions that test your reasoning, such as questions that require you to identify patterns. Other types of questions that you should practice include those that require you to identify flaws, check data, and use basic arithmetic.

Lastly, when taking an assessment, use your time wisely. You should take enough time to read each problem carefully and fully. Do not quickly assume that you know what the question is looking for; make sure you understand. However, you do not want to waste too much time on any single question. Remember that assessment testing is time, and if you are really struggling with a problem, skip over it and revisit it if you have time at the end. The test is meant to showcase your abilities, so move forward to the problems that you know you can solve.