What Gets You Noticed at Trade Shows?

All trade show displays are not created equal. Your trade show booth display specific to your industry has to have that “WOW” factor in order to stand out among the rest. Your company should have a marketing strategy and the trade show should be a part of it. Do not think of the trade show as a one-time aspect of your marketing strategy but think of it as a time to give you a chance to launch many new customer relationships. Some things to consider at your next trade show are:

  • Assigning a host: As part of the team assign a host to be placed at the entrance of the exhibit. The host should be passing out booth directions and maybe a specific item such as a raffle ticket that has to be presented at the booth. The host should be professional but friendly.
  • Manning the booth: The booth should be manned by exuberant, knowledgeable and professional people who can answer all questions presented about your product.
  • Signage: The bigger and brighter the better. Ensure your signage can be seen from several directions. If you are allowed, have tall signs that stand above the rest.
  • Incentive giveaways: Something that is relevant to the product you are selling; something that ensures the potential customer will remember your product. Don’t forget the business cards; make sure they are placed in several locations on your main table in your booth.
  • Raffle: Hold a raffle that is worth signing up for and make sure your raffle tickets contain all the information you need to reconnect with the potential new customer.
  • A booth with a theme: Create a theme for your booth and use that theme on the brochures, giveaways, business cards and any other materials handed out at the trade show. This will keep your marketing consistent and easier to track.
  • Lighting: Lighting is important. Flashing lighting can be an attention getter. Make sure your booth is brightly lit so your materials are easy to read. Neon lighting can be a serious attention getter.
  • Movement: Add a little movement to your booth. Movement can be in the lighting or used on a display; it can be an ongoing sound video. Movement adds creativity and fascination to a display.
  • Press release: Before the trade show begins contact the sponsors to find out what type of press will precede the show and ask if your company can be part of the initial release.
  • Flexibility in your set up: Market the trade show competition the same way you would market the area in which your physical business is located. Have your marketing plan in writing but be flexible in case you see something that may out shine you and be ready to shift gears to stand above the rest.
  • Follow up: Follow up on all your potential new customers within 48 hours of the trade show ending.

Trade show displays can be exciting and fun and still be professional. Trade show displays are an important part of your overall business marketing and should be treated as such. Since trade shows generate thousands of people the potential for new customers is astronomical!