What Burbank Means to Movie Lovers and TV Fanatics

If you love TV and movies then you must come and experience Burbank! From the very beginning of show business (like no business I know…) Burbank has been an important part of the industry. Back in the 1920s and 1930s studios were buying land on Burbank to show motion pictures. In fact, since the beginning of motion pictures, hundreds of movies have been filmed in Burbank. To this day, Warner Bros., NBC Studios and Walt Disney are still a part of the city.

This was the same city that saw Casablanca and one great Humphrey Bogart performance. In fact, Casablanca’s most important scenes were all shot on Stage 1 at the Warner Bros. Burbank Studios. The Moroccan runway you remember was actually a created set. Other movies shot in Burbank (and many in the Warner Bros. studio) include Bonnie and Clyde, High Noon, Mary Poppins and the Three Stooges.

Other movies were filmed around town including Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 and Quentin Tarantino's film True Romance. Even the 1980s hits Back to the Future included some scenes shot at the Burbank Community Center. To this day, Warner Bros. Studios and NBC Studios still shoot programming. Other series frequently used Burbank exterior and interior locations for their filming, including shows like Cold Case, Gilmore Girls and Desperate Housewives. Walt Disney Studios is also located in Burbank. These studios are the only buildings in town that have been here since the “golden age” of filmmaking.

Today 100,000 people work in the city and the majority of the population is employed by entertainment studios. When you come visit Burbank, you are sharing a piece of cinema history. You can take tours of all of your favorite studios, as well as bus tours of notable locations around the area. Whether you love TV or movies, there is plenty of memorabilia to see here. Come experience the entertainment industry this vacation season!