What are the Top 5 Items that Need Protected in Your Home

Having a home safe is one of the most important things you can do to secure your valuables, whether those items are valuable objects or contain valuable information. There are some things you should keep in a safe in your home, not a safe deposit box, and a jewelry safe for home is often a good choice to protect such items.  These items can include:

Important Identification Documents
You should keep your personal identification documents in a home safe, so that you can access them any time you may need them. MintLife (the blog of a publisher of financial software) recommends such documents include social security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and -- especially if you travel regularly -- current passports.

Rare Coins
If you have rare coins, you might want to consider keeping these in a jewelry safe for home. According to CBS News MoneyWatch, cash kept in safe deposit boxes isn't covered by the FDIC. If you're concerned about burglary, make sure your safe can be secured to a wall or a heavy piece of furniture, so thieves don't just grab the safe and run.

Medical Records
Though medical emergencies are rare, they can happen, and you want to have immediate access to important medical information at a moment's notice. At very least, make sure you have a current list of medical conditions, prescriptions, herbal supplements, and doctor names and contact information secured in a fireproof safe.

You may also want to secure test results, x-rays or MRI results, contact information for friends or family, and/or any other information that would help medical professionals provide care in an emergency.

With the exception of their engagement and wedding rings, most women don't wear their most expensive jewelry everyday, but don't want to leave it out in the open. Most also don't want to have to go get the bank safe deposit box open before a nice night out. A jewelry safe for home can offer the perfect balance of security and convenience. As with safes holding rare coins, such safes should be secured to a heavy piece of furniture or a permanent object.

A final class of possessions you may want to keep in a safe in your home is heirlooms. For small items, such as letters or jewelry, a jewelry safe for home may be plenty large enough. Larger items, such as clothing, personal possessions like canes or lamps, or other possessions may need a larger safe. Important photographs can also be safely stored in home safes, as long as they are mounted on acid-free paper.

Final Tips
Safes provide significant peace of mind when it comes to the security of your most valuable possessions, but no single security measure is perfect. Make sure you have the insurance coverage you need to replace valuable items.

You may want to have irreplaceable items -- such as photographs -- scanned and put on a DVD for storage offsite or uploaded to a file storage website. That way, you can be sure your memories and records of your family's history won't be lost in the unlikely event that something happens to your home.