Warner Brothers Studios Museum Burbank

Warner Brothers Studios Museum

The Warner Brothers movie making legend has its home base in Burbank California, and the city is proud to host the Museum celebrating their history in the region and their footprint in celluloid history. The towers and studios of Warner Bros, with their water tower and wall sized television and film project posters dot the main South West entrance to the city, as well as some pictorially significant architecture and murals.

Historic costumes, authentic Academy Awards (Oscars), and other film props from the rich Warner Brothers Studio history in movie making are found here. Leather-bound scripts once owned by the decision makers that made the films can be seen in the same building with the original statuette of the “Maltese Falcon” fame. Movie fans will get a kick out of recognizing and spotting film memorabilia, paraphernalia, and legendary collectibles.

Want to see James Dean’s motorcycle? Memos and correspondence reveal the inner workings of film production from the classic Hollywood era. But Warner Brothers past meets Warner Brothers present when the second floor exhibit of Harry Potter comes into view. Harry Potter fans can get “sorted” and enjoy spotting key items from the Potter movies enjoyed worldwide.

The Warner Brothers Museum can only be seen as part of the Warner Bros. VIP Studio tour. Weekday tours occur every half hour from 9 AM to 3 PM. Advance reservations are required, and the minimum age for the tour is 10.