VMware Data Recovery Often Overlooked

How do you recover something that you have never seen? With the advent of cloud computing, Information Technology managers are trying to answer that question as their corporate offices are pressuring them to move to virtualization, saving both figurative and literal network space. VMware, the Palo Alto based company with dozens of offices around the world, enables information technology directors to manage the growth of their networks through their amazing software which gives a computer the ability to run two or more operation systems simultaneously. The software is revolutionary because it allows a company to double their network without adding computers and equipment. But the data is virtual, floating around in cyberspace, unseen and untouchable. So what happens when it disappears? Then you need VMware data recovery.

VMware Data Recovery New Front in the Cloud Computing Revolution

Cloud computing, once the focus of information technology dreams has now become a reality. More and more companies are shoving their enormous amounts of data, once housed in war-like warehouses on large network servers, into the ether, using virtualization software that takes the physical and makes it virtual. VMware, which holds 80 per cent of the virtualization market, is the leader in the cloud computing revolution. Experts say tasks like software downloads may become obsolete thanks to the nifty tricks offered by virtualization software. VMware’s senior vice president Ragu Raghuram, as reported by the Motley Fool, said that 90% of all the server functions from servers built by Dell or IBM can be moved to a virtual server. And many companies are doing so. But moving that information off physical services to virtual ones does not remove one of the biggest problems information technology managers face: loss of data. Normally, when data is lost, damaged or infected and needs to be recovered you can do so by replacing defective problems in the hard drive like taking a damaged printed circuit board and replacing it with a healthy one. But how do you fix something that you can’t see or even touch?

VMware Data Recovery Options Offers Solution for Back Up Plans

VMware would not create a product that allows you to virtualize your desktops, servers and other computer technology without offering you a plan for backing up your data. The VMware data recovery product offers full image back up of virtual machines as well as the ability to recover individual files and directories from virtual machines.