Various Uses of Reusable Bed Pads

Bed pads are amazingly versatile products. These items are staples within hospitals and medical facilities, as well as the homes of those that require extensive personal and medical care. They have far more applications than just these, however. Though commonly considered only for usage with those with incontinence or who are having difficulty controlling their bladders due to surgery, illness, or injury, these supplies can provide wide-reaching benefits in several other areas, particularly when considering the reusable type over those that are disposable.

Of course, one of the main usages of reusable bed pads is to protect linens and mattress pads from being soiled by an incontinent patient. A reusable pad is especially useful in this capacity because it is more comfortable than a disposable version and features a highly absorbent layer that keeps the surface of the pad dry for long periods, thereby protecting the skin of the patient from irritation and damage.

Reusable pads are also more discreet, and cause virtually no sound, as opposed to the infamous “crackling” of a disposable pad. Pads such as these are also very useful in providing peace of mind and comfort for women during and immediately post-birth who may be experiencing bleeding. Women who elect homebirth will often supply themselves with several of these pads so that they can create an ideal birthing environment while making continuous cleaning up convenient and easy for those assisting her.

Medical concerns, however, are not the only reason that people purchase reusable bed pads. Many pet owners swear by these tools as ways to keep their pets comfortable and their homes clean. An incontinent pet can cause serious messes around the home. Providing several reusable pads can allow you to control these messes, and reduce the displeasure of a pet that would rather remain clean. This is also useful for very small pets that have difficulty controlling their bladders when not given access to the outside for periods, or for very young pets that are not yet housetrained. Being able to launder the pads after use saves you money and keeps you from having soiled pads in your trashcans, which can attract other animals.

Many pet owners also utilize these pads much in the same way as women preparing for a homebirth. Offering an animal a birthing area that is lined with such a pad will give them a sense of security and comfort, while also allowing you to clean up quickly then return the pad to the nesting area for further use by the mother and new litter. Though designed primarily for medical use, the versatility of these pads makes them a useful tool for a wide variety of people, pet owners being only one example.