Understanding the Benefits of Biofreeze

When you have to deal with muscle or joint pain due to a condition like arthritis or to some sort of injury, the symptoms or side effects can actually worsen the issue. This is why it is important to understand your options for pain management and why the product known as Biofreeze is a very good choice. It is among the modern health products that can be used to address a variety of issues, but all of them are associated with pain of some sort.

For example, you can use Biofreeze as a topical pain reliever if you have arthritis, but it is also fine for a muscle pull or a mild sprain as well. It can address such a variety of pain symptoms because it works in a very unusual way. Instead of seeking to deaden an area through some sort of pharmaceutical compound, it is applied to the skin and the menthol in the product then tricks the nerves and pain pathways of the body.

How is that possible? When you use the Biofreeze spray, gel or patch, it will trigger some of the nerves in the epidermis and dermis to react; this interrupts the traditional pain cycle that would normally have all of the nerves sending pain messages to the brain. Instead of allowing this flood of “information” to reach the brain, however, the Biofreeze formula tells the skin to pay attention to something else, and this succeeds in greatly reducing the sensation of pain in the injured or troublesome area.

Consider, too, that this means that someone with any pain or injury is not going to “nurse” that limb but will instead actually use it. This is tremendously beneficial to the healing process because it encourages circulation. For instance, when you put your foot in a single location for a long period of time it tends to “fall asleep”. This sensation is due to inadequate blood flow reaching the area. When you don’t move an injured or sore area, the same lack of blood flow occurs and this prevents the healing process from happening quickly. It also prevents any swelling or accumulated fluids from being carried away from the region too.

This means that the use of a topical pain reliever is going to encourage you to move a sore or injured limb or area, and this means you will heal much faster and better than if you just let that injured area lie still and locked in place.