Treasures Found At Construction Sites

In the movies, we often see hard working construction workers find all kinds of treasures. It might be skeletal remains, dinosaur bones or even the remnants of an old building. For those construction workers lucky enough to unearth items made of gold, either coins or other artifacts, it may represent the find of a lifetime. And one more reason for you to seriously consider that backhoe for sale.

Sroda, Poland
While construction workers in Sroda, Poland were demolishing an old building to prepare for the building of a new one in 1985, they stumbled upon a vase filled with 3,000 silver coins. Those coins were handed over to the government without much of an investigation of the area. That turned out to be a mistake, as only three years later, a much larger find was found again in the same area that included gold and silver coins.

Before authorities could get to the site, most of what was found was looted by residents in the area who had heard about the new discovery. Those that were late to that party headed to the local landfill where the earth that had been excavated during this round of construction had been taken.

Those finds at the landfill included gold and silver jewelry, which most likely belonged to Emperor Charles IV of the House of Luxembourg and had been missing since 1348. Charles IV needed money to support his claim to the crown, and had pawned the valuables to that end. However, not long after he had sold the items, the plague reached Sroda, and the man who had bought the items from Charles IV either fled town or died, leaving the collection untouched until the day the construction workers unearthed them.

Many of these items have been recovered from looters over the years. There was a brief period where the Polish government offered to pay anyone for any items they had, no questions asked. Many of the items needed repair or restoration, as they had been damaged by the equipment that had been used at the construction site that day. Thinking about purchasing that backhoe for sale, yet?

Almost 30 years earlier, there was another large find of buried treasure in Nottinghamshire, England, in a place known as Fishpool. While workman were moving earth for a construction site, they came upon what become known as the Fishpool Hoard, a collecting of 1,237 gold coins, 4 rings and two lengths of gold chain. To date, it is the largest discovery of medieval coins ever found in Britain. It is estimated by the dates of the coins that they were buried in a hurry, sometime between the winter of 1463 and the summer of 1464. The person who buried them was probably fleeing the Battle of Hexham, one of the first battles of the English civil war known as the War of the Roses. 

The find was determined to be one of the top 10 treasures ever discovered on British soil in 2003. Assessed at a value of £400 when they were buried, in modern times the collection's value is £300,000. Unfortunately, the workers who found the stash were not compensated, and the find was turned over to authorities.

Something to think about the next time you see a backhoe for sale, definitely.