Top 5 Reasons to Attend College in Chicago

Chicago remains a popular choice for students picking out colleges, not just because of the teachers’ heartfelt commitment and zeal to their students growth and learning, both academically and morally, but also because of colleges’ unique mentoring relations that last much longer than term time. The professors’ passion towards their students’ learning and personal development really seems to be Illinois’ great hallmark achievement when it comes to education. But that’s not the only reason to attend colleges in Chicago; let’s take a look at the top five reasons why students themselves are choosing to study there:

1.       Technical Methodology

Colleges in Chicago are known to employ the most popular approach when it comes to case study; students presented with a real or hypothetical scenario are then asked to analyze them. It’s a method which provides concrete situations (instead of abstraction) that also require mastery of a variety of skills. The case studies provide a motivational method for students to participate in energetic discussions with colleagues to help them reach the best problem-solving solutions, giving them the opportunity to apply their newly-acquired knowledge in appropriate and stimulating situations.

2.       Academic Perspective

In comparison to most other permanent courses on offer, Chicago’s listed requirements are incredibly flexible, with a wide and comprehensive range of electives available. Students will find in the few required courses, for example, Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD), a course first-year students take to help them along with their professional personal skills development. Almost all the programs on offer include a core curriculum which helps students to focus on the major disciplines of professional working life; let’s look at business as an example. In a business course, students will find finance, accounting, event management, economics, decision sciences, marketing, event management and organizational behavior – for a business-orientated degree, some of these courses are mandatory for colleges in Chicago as they help provide students with a good functional knowledge in one discipline.

3.       Ethnic Diversity

Chicago colleges are proud of their diversity, giving nationwide minorities and worldwide students a remarkable presence, and of course, students of diverse economic settings, religious attitude and sexual preferences are accepted and well-represented. Students will find minorities are active on campus, and fraternities and sororities are open to diverse ethnicity. The schools themselves host a number of multicultural events in support of a higher grade in educational diversity.

4.       Promising Careers

Ask any previous Chicago college student – there’s always high praise for the schools’ alumni. Chicago college graduates have no problem finding careers even without the alumni’s help, and are usually very well-placed in their chosen fields. Many companies recruit on-campus, and the career office is extremely helpful when it comes to helping students find jobs.

5.       Great Atmosphere

Chicago, Illinois is also a great place to study because of its infamous downtown Chicago atmosphere. Students can experience firecrackers over Lake Michigan, attend vibrant Jazz carnivals in Hyde Park Center, admire Broadway exhibitions, enjoy world-famous painting shows, or even mosh at an underground metal gig – it’s just down to personal taste, but the range of activities and experiences on offer cater to most students, with seemingly never-ending opportunities within this locale.